In Brazil and in the World

Folk Art in Brazil

Citizen Action Pavilion
Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Brazil

At the International Rio +20 Conference, the Museu Casa do Pontal took a part of the collection based on the theme "Cultura e Sustentabilidade" to the center of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to honoring Mestre Vitalino, the show was oriented around the four elements in nature: water, earth, fire and air. Led by the water slide, the visitor discovers the São Francisco River with the masks of Francisco Biquiba, also known as Guarany. Over land, the visitor encounters the pottery and art of the Jequitinhonha valley, with the recreation of everyday life by Noemiza Batista and the fantasy world of Ulisses Pereira Chaves. Through the fire of the kilns, the visitor was introduced to the visionary art of Manuel Galdino, whose animals appropriate human features. The "Weathervane" by Francisco Rosa dos Santos, who greeted the visitors at the front door of the Pavilion, indicated to those present the importance of the flow of air with its liberating movements.