In Brazil and in the World

Terra Terre– Cerâmica Figurativa Popular Brasileira

Manufacture Bernardaud
Limoges, França

The exhibition TERRA TERRE – Cerâmica Figurativa Popular Brasileira - with works from the collection of the Museu Casa do Pontal was held at the Manufacture Bernardaud in the city of Limoges, France, known worldwide for its sophisticated porcelains. The exhibit honored Mestre Vitalino and his peers as part of the official program of the Year of Brazil in France in 2005. About 180 works by artists from various regions of the country were included, which represented the so-called Brazilian “figurative ceramics”. The exhibition highlighted the history of the production of this type of art, which has achieved recognition and risen to prominence on the Brazilian arts scene since the mid-1940s. During the twentieth century folk art came to be regarded as an important part of Brazil’s cultural heritage for its thematic, stylistic and symbolic content, and for the multiplicity of aesthetic languages used. In the Limoges exhibit the works of 24 artists were included; among them were Adalton Fernandes Lopes, Manoel Galdino, Mestre Vitalino, Antônio Poteiro, Noemisa Batista e Ulisses Pereira Chaves. These are creations that speak of the origins of this art; the habits and customs relating to the customs of rural life, and the introduction of new professions in urban occupations, traditional celebrations, games and entertainment; myths linked to banditry and religion. Also selected were works by artists who were exceptional for their unusual creations.