Complementary material to the museum social and educational program

Museu Casa do Pontal
First Edition

The set of educational materials “O que você vai levar?” (What will you take?) is aimed at teaching and cultural institutions that visit the Museum as part of an educational program. It includes a copy of the book O Mundo da Arte Popular Brasileira, by Angela Mascelani (anthropologist and director of the Museum Casa do Pontal), a teaching guide with suggestions for activities for the teacher to carry out in the classroom, 12 posters and 40 cards with reproductions of some 70 images of works from the Museu Casa do Pontal collection. The book offers the teacher suggestions for interactive activities formulated by a multidisciplinary team, which includes art educator Juliana Prado and management expert in the area of popular culture Joanna Correa in addition to Angela Mascelani, educational program coordinator. The chapters discuss some of the themes of the permanent exhibition of the Museum Casa do Pontal and highlight the work of artists whose works are part of the collection, such as Noemisa Batista (Jequitinhonha Valley, MG), Antonio de Oliveira (MG), Adalton Lopes (RJ), Manuel Galdino (Alto do Moura, PE), Mestre Vitalino (Alto do Moura, PE) and Nhozim (MA). Sponsored by Petrobras, which has provided support for the institution since 2004, the materials are distributed free of charge to schools and social projects to accompany their visit to the Museum (1 copy per institution), to strengthen the relationship between the museum and the educational system. A small number was set aside for sale exclusively at the Museum Casa do Pontal, at a 50% discount for registered teachers in public and private schools.