Caminhos da Arte Popular - Vale do Jequitinhonha

Angela Mascelani 
Second Edition, 2009
Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
180 pages 

This socio-anthropological publication of text and photos comprises a coordinated narrative that is open to multiple interpretations. Besides a careful selection of works, the book discusses specific issues in the world of art. What are the boundaries between art and craft? What are the processes of renewal and validation of new artisans and artists?  How are "traditions" updated in the current context of strong and accelerated social change? How are the relationships between "rural" and "urban" made explicit?

The book " Caminhos da Arte Popular: o Vale do Jequitinhonha " is the result of several years of research at the Museum Casa do Pontal by anthropologist Angela Mascelani together with artists from the Jequitinhonha valley.