O Mundo da Arte Popular Brasileira

Angela Mascelani 
Third Edition, 2009
Mauad / Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
144 pages

The book "O Mundo da Arte Popular Brasileira " is considered by critics to be a reference for studies on Brazilian folk art. The book's format catalog of art, contains high-quality images, texts on the history of Brazilian folk art and several cultural events in Brazil, as well as biographies and portraits of popular artists. There are 200 pictures of works from the collection amassed by Jacques Van de Beuque at the Museu Casa do Pontal, created by well known artists that have marked the history of Brazilian art, such as Mestre Vitalino, Noemisa Batista, Manoel Galdino, and GTO (Geraldo Telles de Oliveira), among others. While reflection and historical record, the book also discusses the processes by which [folk] artistic production has achieved public recognition as a contemporary art form. It also identifies the main regions of Brazil where this genre flourishes. The book analyzes its most frequent themes, emphasizing the diversity of treatments and styles that compete to make the art created by the Brazilian people one of the most fertile in the world.

Angela Mascelani, has a doctorate in cultural anthropology from the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Master of Arts in anthropology from the Graduate Program in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts at the same university. She has been the director of the Museu Casa do Pontal since 2004.