Caderno de Conservação e Restauro de Obras de Arte Popular Brasileira

First Edition, 2008
UNESCO Brasilia / Museu Casa do Pontal, Rio de Janeiro
60 pages

The "Caderno de Conservação e Restauro de Obras de Arte Popular Brasileira" describes the work of the Museum Casa do Pontal in protecting and conserving its collection of over 8,000 works of folk art, dating from the first decades of the twentieth century to the present day. The publication addresses some of the challenges in displaying, disseminating and at the same time ensuring the longevity of the collection than began in the 1950s, with the private initiative of French designer Jacques Van de Beuque, and which has been open to the public for the last thirty years. Given the specific nature and diversity of Brazilian folk art, the idea of publishing the accumulated knowledge of the Museum was stimulated by the need to systematize practices for conservation and restoration in this field. The book was published in partnership with UNESCO.